Texollini’s Design Department works with apparel designers, buyers, merchandisers and client fabric designers in one of two ways. If you bring us a new print design, we lend you our extensive experience to ensure your design is made production-ready and that the final product represents your vision. Often, once clients step into our fabric showroom and see our amazing display of prints that are already engraved and available for purchase, they realize our experience and accumulated knowledge can be significant competitive advantages. Many times, existing designs can be adapted to suite your line, recolored, updated and transformed, saving you considerable time and money.

For those wishing to leverage our demonstrated talent and skill in color forecasting and print design, the Design Department takes into consideration many different variables such as fashion trends, merchandising and color/pattern/design direction, both inside and outside of the fashion industry. Texollini’s talented designers are also CAD experts; they have established us as one of the industry’s leaders in creative design application.