Texollini’s color laboratory provides you unprecedented response times and amazing color accuracy thanks to the most advanced computerized color matching system and dyeing apparatus. The process of dyeing to produce the most reliable color quality and colorfastness is a sensitive and sophisticated process on any fabric. The incorporation of stretch fabrics only increases the level of sophistication required in the dyeing process. The quality of our dyeing equipment, the experience and diligence of our dye house technicians and clients who share our appreciation for brilliant, market-leading aesthetics enable Texollini to excel in this challenging arena.

Once colors are matched to your approval, your fabric goes through our computerized, high performance dye jets. These dye jets are custom-programmed to perform according to the specific standards of quality and consistency established beforehand. Finally, Texollini’s dyed fabrics must pass various testing procedures designed by our technicians and chemists to ensure every lot will achieve color match and consistency. Color-fastness is also tested specifically in response to laundering, and exposure to light, salt water and chlorine. Texollini’s dyeing experts can also advise upon and devise proper testing protocols for other variables.