At Texollini, one of our most important brand pillars is responsible environmental stewardship. But for us, planetary preservation, pollution control and waste reduction aren’t new things. Incorporating methods to reduce consumption and minimize our carbon footprint has been an integral part of our business model since our inception in 1989, well in advance of today’s Green movement. From the fiber and yarn suppliers we partner with to the chemicals and dyes we utilize, from our reclamation of waste water to our CFC overhead lighting, and from the natural gas we use to power our finishing machines to our employee rideshare program, even in our back-office energy-consumption and paper-reduction policies, you can see our commitment to a sustainable Mother Earth in everything we do. More importantly, we’re always striving to be a better conservationist and a better corporate citizen. It’s what our children would want. And, as fate would have it, it’s exactly what resonates with your consumers and shareholders. For more on Texollini’s environmental certifications, please visit the Certifications page of this website.