An empowered staff of dedicated, highly-trained technicians, with a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory at their disposal, ensures our product meets both our exacting standards as well as those of our customers before the fabric ever leaves the factory floor. With longstanding, large-scale textile manufacturing programs in place with many of the world’s most recognizable brand names, Texollini’s reputation can never be compromised. And neither can yours.

By working in partnership with our vendors and certifying them annually, we ensure the consistent high quality supply of yarns, chemicals and other raw materials. And, as part of our Total Quality Management (TQM) program, we start the in-process quality control from the very first step of production. Established, documented manufacturing procedures and Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods support this initiative. Due to the industry’s reliance on Texollini for quality and innovation in the knitting of stretch fabric for use in manufacturing sportswear, activewear, performance wear, bodywear, intimate apparel, swimwear and industrial/ military clothing, our commitment to TQM, as well as considerable, on-going capital investment, serves to protect both of our good names. A noticeable difference in quality generates word-of-mouth and fosters brand loyalty. The way we see it, that’s good for both of our businesses.