Superfino and Ultrafino two of the most talked-about fabrics in today’s apparel industry, were born right here at Texollini. Representing the state-of-the-art, Texollini’s computerized circular knitting machines operate 24-7, enabling us to produce your knitted fabrics in an incredible variety of stitches and gauges, all in a timely fashion. While all knitting, including jerseys, novelties, and those using the hottest new fibers, deserve Texollini’s expert touch, the knitting of fabric containing stretch yarns requires even greater expertise, proprietary knowledge, specialized technology, ideal working conditions, consistently clean machinery and a rigorous maintenance schedule, all of which surpass the usual standards of the textile industry.

Manufacturing activewear, ready-to-wear, intimate apparel, swimwear and industrial/military textiles on behalf of some of the leading fabric buyers in the business, as well as for smaller fashion brands and start-ups, Texollini’s sophisticated knitting capabilities have made it the recognized Made in America expert in Lycra® spandex, and other performance stretch fabrics. Additionally, all of our textile manufacturing equipment can be customized in order to meet our own exacting standards, as well as our clients’ tight specifications and high expectations.