From the sheerest of fabrics, frequently utilized by our lingerie clients, to the thickest, most rugged of constructions, often put to work on behalf of our industrial/military supply customers, Texollini is proud to offer you over 7,000 different yarn and fabric combinations, with and without spandex – and that’s before factoring in any special client requests. Since every single one of our circular knitting machines is equipped for spandex yarns, we’ve carved out an enviable niche in that specialized field. But our capabilities don’t stop there. Among the three main constructions, interlock, jersey and rib, there are many different possible patterns, and the list of technical, luxury, medical and industrial applications multiplies exponentially from there. From the hottest new green/organic/sustainable yarns to rayon, modal, Sorona, Supplex and nylon, and from jersey staples to today’s more unique fibers like cashmere and alpaca, Texollini is knitting circles around the competition.

For a more complete list, please see the Innovative Materials section of this website, and visit the Yarns & Fabrics page.

But what’s the best way to know if Texollini can accommodate your specific needs in terms of fiber, weight, fabric, stitch, finish, quantity and turnaround? It’s simple. You call us. (310) 537 – 3400.